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Race Information

Race Information and other information you should know to enjoy your race and the stay in our runners camp.

-21.24417, 26.11506 are the coordinates for the turn off from the Mosu Road - you can navigate in Google maps to this point. Just drop the co-ordinates into the “Search here” window. You will see a manned gazebo at the turn off.

The off road route will be marked from here to the Race Village which is at: 

-21.18298, 26.13717

Upon first arrival at the race village please check in to receive your BIB, goodie bag, wrist band and a quick brief. Please arrive between 1200-1600hrs on Friday 27th September. Your wrist band is needed for all meals so wear it and leave it on.

Arrival times: between 12:00 PM (noon) and 04:00 PM on Friday, September 27th. Note that arriving on Thursday, September 26th, is not possible due to the remoteness of the area. If you've booked a tent, directions to its location will be provided upon check-in.

A key timing is the mandatory race brief at 05:30 PM on the Pans. Allocate 20 minutes for a leisurely walk to the briefing area, which can also be accessed by car. 

The transfer leaves from Gaborone airport at 0700hrs on Friday 27th September. Please arrive 15 minutes early. The Maun transfer leaves at 0900hrs on Friday 27th September and again arrive 15 minutes early. The transfer back on Sunday departs at 0800hrs to both Maun and Gaborone. Gaborone to the race village will take about 7 hours and from Maun about 5 1/2. These timings are approximate.

If you bring your own tent you will need to be self-sufficient around your campsite.

Ablution facilities will be provided and include: hot bucket showers, portaloos and hand washing facilities.

Meals - you will be provided with the following mealsCutlery and crockery will be provided.

  • Friday supper
  • Saturday breakfast (pre-race breakfast) 0100-0145hrs for 100kms and 0400-0445hrs for 50kms
  • Saturday supper at 1930hrs
  • Sunday breakfast


There will be a medical tent, physio/chiro for runners as well as a chill zone at the end of the race.

You can book for supporters, tents, and transport either during your race registration or late once you registered in your runner account on our website. The fee for additional spectators is € 58/pp and includes all meals, drinking water, all campsite facilities (incl. toilet and showers), parking and access to the campsite. Because of limited resources in a very remote area, we limit the booking to 3 supporters. You can book a tent for € 150. Each tent has two single beds and includes bedding but does not include towels. We do also organize transport from Gaborone or Maun to the race camp. The shuttle service is € 165/pp for both ways. You can book transport for your supporters too. Please consider that the drive to Gaborone takes 7 to 8 hours. We recommend to not book the flights the same day. Even flying from Maun we advise to book the flight at least for late afternoon flight or better also for the next day.

If you are renting a tent it will contain

  • 2 beds
  • bed linen, pillow and blanket
  • a light

You will need to bring:

  • your toiletries
  • a torch (head torch)
  • a towel
  • a water bottle

When your runner arrives at the event they will be checked in and receive their bib number and a goodie bag. Your wrist band will be in your runner’s goodie bag. This provides you with access to the campsite amenities and more importantly to meals. No-one will be served food without a wrist band.

Cutlery and crockery will be provided. Please bring a water bottle for water.

There will be a coffee bar and a general bar available. We will also have a few SPU branded goods to purchase. There will be a Kidz zone set up but children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians. We strongly encourage all supporters to set up at the communal area, meet the other supporters and show support for all the runners as they finish. So bring a chair, use our picnic tables, bring some snacks and settle in for the day.

Bring cash just in case our point of sale has patchy signal. We will use a voucher system for purchases of drinks to avoid big queues.

It will be hot so bring a hat and sunblock. Support your runner and all the other runners but be mindful to allow runners access to the race facilities first.

Supporters are only able to assist on the 100kms race at Checkpoint Delta (Kukonje Island)

Water Stations are between 12 - 17 kms apart and provide the following nutrition:

Expect the water stations to provide the following nutrition options:

  • Bananas
  • Orange slices/Naatjies
  • Wine gums
  • Barone’s/Mars bars
  • Salt and vinegar crisps
  • Boiled baby potatoes with salt
  • Jelly beans
  • Salted peanuts and raisins mix
  • Biltong
  • Powerballs

Beverages include water, Coke, and an endurance powdered mix

Supporters are only able to assist on the 100kms race at Checkpoint Delta (Kukonje Island)

The 100km race begins at 02:00 AM, while the 50km race starts at 05:00 AM.

100k runners have the option of a (small) bag drop that will be transported to the 60kms check point (Check Point Delta) on Khukonje Island. Please leave the bag with our staff at race check in when you first arrive at camp. If you need time to sort your drop bag out we you can also leave it at the information table after you have settled in.

You can join our SPU WhatsApp Group if you have any questions for us:

For registered runners only. Please contact us.

Contact us if you have any questions