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If the customer decides that they no longer want to take part within 7 days of entering, regardless of reason, we will refund the entry fee. All refunds incur an admin charge of P200 (refund is issued minus P200 admin charge and minus any bank fees or exchange rate losses if applicable).

No refunds after 7 days.

Participants can transfer to another distance within the event subject to there being availability within the requested distance.

    • Transferring to the SPU50:

Send an e-mail to entries@saltpansultra.com requesting a change to the SPU50 race.
No admin fee is charged, and no entry fee is refunded.  Cannot be done within three weeks of race date (30 September 2023). 

  • Transferring to the SPU100:

Send an e-mail to entries@saltpansultra.com requesting a change to the SPU100 race.

The entrant will be required to pay the difference in price between the SPU50 fee paid, and the current entry price of the SPU100. Upon receipt of payment the entrant will receive a confirmation of change in distance by e-mail and they are removed from the shorter distance event.

A runner, who is no longer able to take part, is entitled to reallocate their place in an event to another participant for a fee of P100, payable to the event organiser. This option is only available up to 2 weeks before race date (30 September 2023). The existing runner sends an e-mail to entries@saltpansultra.com requesting to exchange their place and supplies the new runner's email address. The new runner will then receive e-mail confirmation of their entry upon payment of the P100 fee and submission of requested personal details whereupon the existing runner is replaced in the system with the new runner.

Event entries are not transferable into subsequent year's events and we do not offer a deferment policy.