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01/11/2023, Terms and Conditions | Outdoor Adventures BW

1.1 The following provisions pertain to the Salt Pans Ultra Marathon event organized by Outdoor Adventure BW (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “OABW”), taking place in Botswana (the "Host Country") and detailed on the official website, www.saltpansultra.com (the "Website").
1.2 In accordance with the Conditions of Entry outlined in Article 3, participation in The Event is open to individuals aged 18 and above. Only individual competitors are eligible for entry.
1.3 Competitors are responsible for providing their personal equipment, attire, and sustenance, as stipulated by the Salt Pans Ultra Marathon (“SPU”). Each participant will receive a minimum supply of 2 liters of water and essential nutrition at designated control points. The Event ensures comprehensive support through its professional medical and operational teams. Apart from this support, competitors are not allowed to receive external assistance with the exception of the 100kms runners at Check Point Delta. Any participant who does not complete the race will not be eligible for a medal.

2.1 These Rules and Regulations serve as the Terms and Conditions governing participation in The Event.
2.2 Prior to registration for The Event, you are required to thoroughly read, understand, and agree to these Rules and Regulations. Your entry into The Event is conditional upon your acceptance of these terms.
2.3 These Rules and Regulations represent a legally binding agreement between you and Outdoor Adventure BW, referred to variously as "the event", "SPU", “OABW”, "we", "us", and "our".
2.4 To compete in The Event, each participant must sign a copy of these Rules and Regulations, along with the Liability Waiver and Image/Intellectual Property Release. Furthermore, all mandatory forms, as specified by OABW, must be completed, providing essential information including emergency contacts and medical details.
2.5 OABW reserves the discretion to enforce these Rules and Regulations and may modify them without prior notice. Revised Rules and Regulations will be posted on the SPU website, along with any associated time penalties. Competitors are responsible for staying informed about the most up-to-date version of these Rules and Regulations.


3.1 Participation in The Event is limited to individuals aged 18 or older by the event start date. Special permission may be sought for competitors under 18, subject to OABW's final decision.
3.2 The Event takes place in a remote area, devoid of typical amenities. Competitors are expected to be familiar with their equipment, understand and mitigate the risks of competing in an extreme, remote and hot environment, and to use common sense.
3.3 The physically demanding nature of The Event carries medical and physical risks, and competitors must acknowledge these risks. OABW, its affiliates, and associates are not liable for injuries or illnesses resulting from participation in The Event, barring any gross negligence.
3.4 Competitors are responsible for obtaining and carrying necessary inoculations and medications suitable for Botswana. OABW will not supply personal medications during The Event.
3.5 Endurance racing, as envisioned by The Event, poses the risk of serious injury or death from equipment failure, dehydration, fatigue, collisions, weather conditions, and other factors.
3.6 Competitors must disclose any pre-existing illnesses that may affect their performance or require medical treatment. Additionally, they must provide information about all medications being taken during The Event.
3.7 Professional medical support will be available throughout The Event, and competitors grant permission for necessary medical decisions in emergency situations.
3.8 Competitors must recognize the remote location of The Host Country and potential delays in emergency evacuations due to difficult terrain.
3.9 OABW reserves the right to restrain participants from starting or continuing The Event if they are deemed unfit by medical staff.
3.10 By accepting these Rules and Regulations, competitors affirm their capacity to communicate health care directives and fully understand the implications of medical consents granted to event staff.

4.1 These Rules and Regulations are guided by a fundamental principle: Any action that provides an unfair advantage or disadvantage to others will result in a penalty against the involved individual.
4.2 Prompt and respectful compliance with directives from OABW and medical support staff is mandatory. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.
4.3 Throughout the event, you must adhere to the Republic of Botswana’s laws and treat local and event participants with respect and consideration. This includes fellow competitors, OABW, and medical support staff.
4.4 You are responsible for your conduct and adherence to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Botswana where the event takes place. OABW will not be responsible for your behaviour or compliance with local laws.
4.5 Your behaviour should not impede The Event's progress or jeopardize the safety and well-being of others involved, including competitors, OABW, and medical support staff.

5.1 The Event unfolds in an exceptionally remote and pristine environment. All individuals associated with The Event, including competitors, staff, volunteers, film crews, press, and sponsors, must adhere to a strict "leave no trace" policy.
5.2 Littering, including water bottles, bottle caps, and energy bar wrappers, is strictly prohibited. Litterers will face significant penalties or disqualification. All litter should be carried to the nearest checkpoint for disposal.
5.3 Preserve the natural environment. Avoid stepping on plant foliage, picking vegetation, cutting trees, or causing damage. If you encounter unique natural features, such as rock formations, flamingo nests, or fossils, do not touch, disturb, or deface them.
5.4. You are in a wildlife area. Don’t interfere with animals. Keep your distance and avoid any close contact. Wait until the animal(s) moved away before proceeding with your run.
5.5 Practicing basic camping techniques is essential at campsites. Leave no trace in your campsite. Sleep inside your assigned tent or within the camp compound.
5.6 Use designated toilet facilities at campsites. On the course, human waste and toilet paper must be buried between 15 and 25 cm below the surface, at the designated sites located at each checkpoint.
5.7 Violations of these rules may result in time penalties or disqualification at the discretion of OABW.

6.1 To participate in The Event, you must: (a) Submit the entry fee for The Event as per the instructions on the Website (your eligibility to participate is contingent upon receiving full payment of the entry fee and successful fund clearance); (b) Complete and submit the Liability Waiver; (c) Complete and submit the Image / Intellectual Property Release; and (e) Fulfill all Mandatory Forms, as specified by OABW, either directly or through the Website and registration platform. Failure to provide the specified documentation within 5 business days of The Event's start date may result in the withdrawal of your offer to participate.
6.2 You are responsible for understanding and meeting all specific passport, visa, and immigration requirements related to traveling to and entering The Host Country for The Event. It's essential to verify these requirements with the relevant Consulate/Embassy for The Host Country before completing the application form. OABW bears no responsibility and will not be liable for any circumstances, including non-refund of the entry fee, if you cannot travel to The Host Country for reasons such as failure to obtain a visa or non-compliance with passport, visa, or other immigration requirements, preventing your participation in The Event.

7.1 You may withdraw from The Event, subject to the following provisions: (a) Withdrawal more than 120 days before the Event start date entitles you to an entry fee refund, minus a Euro 60 processing fee. (b) Withdrawals within 120 days of the Event start date are non-refundable. OABW may consider transferring a runner's entry to another individual for the same or shorter distance, provided that OABW agrees to this transfer or downgrade.
7.2 Entry to The Event is granted on a non-changeable, non-transferable basis between individuals, except as noted in 7.1 (b).
7.3 OABW retains the right to withdraw the offer of an Event place at any time, offering a full refund of the entry fee in such cases.
7.4 OABW may modify The Event format, alter event dates, or cancel The Event only due to circumstances beyond its control, such as war, industrial disputes, natural disasters, or other extraordinary events. OABW is not liable for these actions.
7.5 If event dates are changed (as per Article 7.4 (b)), there's no obligation to reimburse any part of the entry fee, provided that the rescheduled Event occurs within 12 months from the original start date and reasonable notice is given.
7.6 Except as mentioned in Rule 7.5, OABW has no liability for rescheduling or canceling The Event.

7.7 You may cancel additional service bookings (supporters, food, tents, transport, etc.) subject to the following provisions: (a) Cancelation more than 120 days before the Event start date entitles you to a service payment refund minus a 10% admin fee for all services. (b) Cancellations within 120 days of the Event start date are non-refundable.

8.1 Nothing in these Rules and Regulations excludes or limits OABW's liability for: (a) Fraud; (b) Death or personal injury caused by OABW's negligence; or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.
8.2 Subject to the provisions of Article 8.1, neither OABW nor The Event Organisers will be liable to you for: (a) loss of or damage to your equipment and belongings; (b) indirect or consequential loss; or any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you in connection with competing in The Event, including travel to The Host Country and Town/City.
8.3 Except as otherwise provided by applicable laws, OABW and The Event Organisers' maximum liability to you for any claim arising out of or in connection with The Event will not exceed the entry fee for The Event.

9.1 OABW has obtained insurance to cover emergency evacuation for each competitor during The Event, commencing from the official start time of The Event to its conclusion.
9.2 You must also maintain personal travel insurance for the duration of your time in the Host Country as specified in the event information pack. This insurance should fully cover hospitalization, medical care, repatriation in the event of illness preventing you from continuing The Event, and the cost of air or other forms of evacuation and repatriation. This insurance must cover international trail ultra marathon running events.
9.3 OABW does not control, nor accept responsibility for, the availability or standard of medical and repatriation services and facilities in the areas where The Event takes place. These services do not constitute any part of the contract between you and OABW.
9.4 You are responsible for your own equipment and belongings during The Event and for any incidental or accidental damage or loss of your equipment and belongings, including wear and tear. Adequate insurance is recommended to cover your equipment and belongings.

10.1 You provide irrevocable consent to: (a) your appearance in The Event being filmed, recorded, and used in various media formats for broadcasting, advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes related to The Event; (b) the use and reproduction of your name, likeness, appearance, and photographs, films, and recordings for the purpose of advertising and promotion of The Event and its commercial rights. You hereby waive any moral rights you may have regarding these uses.
10.2 All content from official blogs, emails, promotional materials, and other materials distributed by OABW remains the exclusive property of OABW and cannot be copied or distributed without OABW's written approval.
10.3 You may capture content for personal use only; any commercial use of such materials is prohibited.
10.4 OABW may, if reasonably practicable, provide wireless Internet access at the campsite for communication and live website coverage. However, this is not an obligation, and it will not be available at checkpoints.
10.5 You may use your power sources to charge personal devices like cameras and navigation tools. Using Event staff or volunteer power sources without permission is not permitted and will result in a time penalty or expulsion from The Event.

11.1 OABW and The Event Organisers retain the authority to add, modify, cancel, or alter the course at their discretion.
11.2 The course will not be physically marked. The sole visible indicators will be the control points. OABW provides accurate GPX files for all distances. Note that while the SPU is billed as a 50kms and 100kms race, the actual distances are longer by a few kilometres.
11.3 To navigate the course, a dedicated navigation device is required. Smartphones are not considered navigation devices and are not acceptable.
11.4 While participating in an Event, you are required to stay on the designated course. In case of accidental departure from the course, you must re-enter at the exact point of exit. Intentional course-cutting will result in disqualification or a time penalty at our or The Event Organisers' discretion.
11.5 Course adjustments may be made due to weather, safety concerns, or darkness. Stage finish times may be adjusted to accommodate these changes.
11.6 Mandatory stops may be enforced due to weather conditions or other factors. You must remain at the specified checkpoint for the entire indicated duration. Failure to comply will result in a time penalty or disqualification.
11.7 Brief departures from the course are permitted if wildlife obstructs the route. You must return to the course as soon as possible without disturbing the wildlife.
11.8 Deviating from the course intentionally will lead to disqualification.

12.1 OABW may have sponsors for The Event. Competitors are not allowed to have sponsors that conflict with OABW sponsors or wear personal sponsor badges, advertising, or patches on their attire.
12.2 You must display your Event number visibly on your chest or stomach throughout the Event. It should not be concealed or placed on your leg. Misplacement of the number may result in a time penalty.
12.3 If there are timing issues due to incorrectly placed numbers, OABW cannot be held responsible for inaccurate timing or the failure to allocate time to the runner.

13.1 You are required to carry, at minimum, the equipment listed in the Mandatory Equipment List available on the Website. Familiarizing yourself with the latest requirements is your responsibility.
13.2 You must carry your own equipment; no other competitor can carry your belongings.
13.3 Food and drink mixes for the entire event (as specified in the event information pack) must be provided by you, ensuring that you start with a minimum number of calories as stated in the mandatory equipment list. The Event Organisers may check a competitor's food supply to verify it's adequate for the event's duration, with the final decision by medical support staff.
13.4 Additional gear requirements may be communicated to competitors depending on expected terrain and weather conditions before the Event.
13.5 You must ensure your equipment is suitable for the Event before its start date. Random equipment checks by Event Organisers may occur. If any mandatory equipment item is found missing, a time penalty will be imposed, or you may be disqualified from continuing. If you are excluded under these provisions, no refunds will be provided, and OABW is not responsible for resulting costs, including repatriation expenses.

14.1 The Event Organisers will provide water rations at each checkpoint, designated for drinking purposes only. Any additional water requests require formal approval from a member of the medical support staff. Deliberate violations of this rule will result in time penalties or disqualification.

15.1 OABW will maintain the official time for The Event, commencing when each competitor starts and stopping when each individual crosses the finishing line of each stage.
15.2 Every runner must check in at all aid stations. Runners may face disqualification if their time is not recorded at each aid station. Those who do not adhere to the marked trail/course may also be subject to disqualification. Time penalties will be imposed at the race director's discretion.

16.1 Course Instructions will be provided before the start of The Event.
16.2 All checkpoints must be completed in the designated sequence. (a) Missing a checkpoint will lead to disqualification unless the individual retraces their steps to the missed checkpoint and proceeds in the mandatory sequence, even if they have passed through that checkpoint before.

17.1 Light sticks may be issued during certain stages of The Event. These must be attached to the rear of each competitor's backpack and remain there until sunrise while on the course. Light sticks are in addition to the headlamp and backup light source as specified in the Mandatory Equipment List.
17.2 Under no circumstances are participants allowed to sleep alongside any part of the course.

18.1 Except for special timing circumstances, the individual with the shortest accumulated time to complete the course is the winner.
18.2 All other competitors will be ranked based on their finishing time.
18.3 Age rankings are determined by the competitor's age at the start of The Event.

19.1 The Salt Pans Ultra is not a team event, and team participation is not allowed.
19.2 Runners can choose to run in groups.

The official language of The Event is English. You are solely responsible for reading and comprehending all official event signs, directions, and verbal instructions from The Event Organisers and the medical support team.

21.1 Protests related to disqualification, time penalties, time recordings, or the conduct of other competitors must be submitted to The Event Director within 30 minutes of finishing The Event. Protests can be made verbally but must be done discreetly and respectfully.
21.2 Any public protests or displays of discontent regarding The Event Organisers, the Official Rules & Regulations, or their application will result in severe time penalties or disqualification.
21.3 The procedure for handling protests will be determined by The Event Director, and their decisions will be final and binding.
21.4 Any protest deemed to be made in bad faith or as retaliation for a previous protest, at the sole discretion of The Event Director, will result in a time penalty imposed on the protesting team or individual.

22.1 By participating in The Event, you agree not to rely on, and to have no remedy for, any statement, representation, warranty, understanding, promise, or assurance made by any person other than what is expressly outlined in these Rules and Regulations.
22.2 If any provision of these Rules and Regulations is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision will be considered separate from these Rules and Regulations, and the remaining rules will remain valid.
22.3 No waiver or amendment to these Rules and Regulations is effective unless it is in writing and signed by both you and OABW.
22.4 Any dispute or claim arising from these Rules and Regulations or The Event is governed by the laws of the Republic of Botswana, and both parties submit to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the Republic of Botswana.
22.5 By applying to participate in an Event, you consent to OABW using your personal information collected in connection with The Event for the organization, operation, administration, and promotion of The Event. You may contact OABW to request access to your personal information. These Rules and Regulations are in place to ensure a safe, fair, and environmentally responsible event. Penalties will be imposed for violations, and these penalties will be determined by the principle that any action that unfairly advantages or disadvantages an individual will result in a penalty against that individual.

23.1 Mandatory Forms: Failure to fully complete and submit the Mandatory Forms to OABW via email before The Event starts will result in disqualification; you will not be allowed to start The Event.
23.2 Waiver Forms: Failure to fully complete the Intellectual Property and Liability Waiver before The Event starts will result in disqualification; you will not be allowed to start the event.
23.3 Litter on Course: Any litter on the course known to be dropped by you (either by identification or seen by another competitor or event staff) will result in a penalty. A penalty of a minimum of 1 hour will be applied for each reported instance.
23.4 Litter in the Race Camp: Any litter in the camp will result in a penalty of 1 hour.
23.5 Mandatory Stops: Failure to comply with a mandatory stop will result in a time penalty, which will be added to the total time of the mandatory stop. For example, if a competitor leaves the checkpoint early from which a mandatory stop has been enforced, a 1-hour penalty will be added on top of the full period of the mandatory stop.
23.6 Sponsor Logos: Sponsor logos can be worn on your clothing, provided they do not conflict with OABW Partners or Sponsors, and they are not worn on your sleeves or obscuring your bib number. You will be given an opportunity to rectify or remove any sponsorship branding that doesn't meet these requirements. Failure to remove them when asked will result in disqualification.
23.7 Retaliation Protests: A protest deemed to be in bad faith or in retaliation for a previous protest will result in a 2-hour penalty.
23.8 Accepting Outside Support — Transport: If you do not walk on your own for any part of the course, no matter how small, you will be considered withdrawn. This includes accepting any external support such as traveling in any form of transport such as bikes, 4 x 4 vehicles, quad bikes, donkey carts, etc.
23.9 Mandatory Equipment Missing (pre-race): If any mandatory item is missing in its entirety or does not meet the necessary requirements during check-in (including quantity, type, and calorific value of food), a penalty will be applied, and you will not be allowed to start. The competitor can be given a chance to purchase or borrow the missing item, but the item must be produced and shown to The Event director at least 1 hour before the start of the race.
23.10 Mandatory Equipment Missing (mid-race): If any mandatory item is missing in its entirety or does not meet the necessary requirements upon a spot check being carried out from the time the competitor crosses the start line to when they cross the finish line, disqualification will occur.
23.11 Inadequate Food: If a competitor is not deemed to have sufficient calories to complete the race safely (2000 calories for each of the remaining days), disqualification will be imposed.
23.12 Public protest or display of disgust: Any public protest, display of disgust, and/or disrespectful behavior to any event staff will result in severe penalties. A penalty of 2 hours or disqualification will be applied.
23.17 Loss of Event Number: Any competitor who loses their bib number will be given a replacement, and a penalty of 30 minutes will apply every time each item is reported lost and a replacement is required. If a lost bib number is not reported, the penalty will be doubled.
23.23 IV Drip: The medical team is present to support the competitors, and no penalty will be issued for consultation with a medical doctor. If it is deemed necessary by the race doctors for a participant to have an IV drip, and the medical team gives the clearance to proceed, no time penalty will be given on each occasion.
Note: All penalties above may result in disqualification on the second offense.

Gaborone, 1st November 2023